Black Brass Finish

Wooden Timber A Rated Traditional Casement Window Bespoke Made To Measure

Wooden Timber A Rated Traditional Casement Window Bespoke Made To Measure
Wooden Timber A Rated Traditional Casement Window Bespoke Made To Measure
Wooden Timber A Rated Traditional Casement Window Bespoke Made To Measure
Wooden Timber A Rated Traditional Casement Window Bespoke Made To Measure

Wooden Timber A Rated Traditional Casement Window Bespoke Made To Measure    Wooden Timber A Rated Traditional Casement Window Bespoke Made To Measure

Ron Currie and Sons - {name}. Ron Currie and Sons Home. We need your telephone numbers. 24hr courier Sellers standard rate. High quality, CE marked, A rated for energy made to measure Timber stormproof casement windows.

Spec of the window on offer. Made to your size from 1300x1000mm up to 1900x1650mm. Georgian top section, made using stick on glazing bars.

The bottom section has the left and right casements opening. Centre casement and georgian casements are fixed.

Fully draught sealed with white or black aquamac draught seals. Ironmongery is supplied in brass, chrome, satin chrome or black antique curly tail. Pictured window has the black antique ironmongery. Supplied in green split, heart free, unsorted high quality scandinavian softwood. This is the highest grade of softwood (pine).

Supplied unfinished, primed or fully finished. Supplied with loose 24mm units of glass with a low iron outer pane, 16mm argon filled cavity with a black warm edge spacer and a softcoat high performance low E inner pane. We can also supply patterned units which have a patterned outer pane rather than the low iron outer pane. Supplied with glazing tape and packers to install the glass. Please use the above drop down menus to choose your options for your window. When checking out, please state the size you require, clearly stating the width and the height, in the notes section. By choosing Ron Currie and Sons for your timber stormproof casement windows, you can be sure you are purchasing a high quality, fully CE marked and energy rated timber window. Our certification is shown below. The CMS mark shown below is only awarded to companies with excellent quality control systems in place and is a symbol of our commitment to a high level of quality control throughout production.

Important features of our windows. When comparing timber windows, you will find that not all windows are created equal.

We at Ron Currie and Sons Ltd have invested massively in our production machinery and taken the time and consultation to make a timber window of high quality and with features that, provided the window is well maintained, help the longevity of the product. The features that do this are as follows. Paint rounds on joints : Where a rail meets the stile or a jamb meets the head or cill, we have a little 3mm radius along the end grain of the timber. This allows paint or stain to flow into the joint and helps resist craking of the paint as the timbers natuarally move. This is on the external side of the window and is an important feature of our windows.

It is a common fault of flat jointed windows that the paint can crack and allow water to get in the endgrains of the timbers at the joint. The endgrains will soak water like a sponge so when this happens it can cause excessive timber movement and degradation. End grains sealed during production : This follows on from the first point. Should the paint crack at the joint, our windows have an end grain sealer put onto the endgrains of the joint when it is in component form, before assembly. This end grain sealer will help to prevent water soaking into the end grains, further protecting the window and increrasing its longevity. Ventilation for the glass : Our windows have a ventilation/drainage groove built into the casements (openers) of the window to allow air movement around the glass units. The common failing with glass units is that the glass ends up sat in water if the bottom bead allows water ingress. Without this groove, there is no air movement to allow this water to move and drain or to evaporate and the glass units will fail. Scribe cut beading : Mitred beadings (45° cuts to the corners) have a lot of failings. Water can channel down these joints into the glazing rebates (putting water around the glass units and the actual joints where endgrain is present) and water will build in these joints and sit on the endgrains of the beadings. This will accelerate the failure of the glass and will result in excessive timber movement or degradation. Due to these reasons, we scribe cut our beading.

This means the horizontal beads are full length and the vertical beads are bevel cut in between. These vertical beads are tight to the top bead, but have a 3mm breather gap at the bottom. This gap prevents the end grains of the vertical beads sitting in water and gives ventilation at the bottom of the bead for the endgrains to breathe.

Scribed joints : When you look at some timber windows you will notice a little round in the corner where the rails meet the stiles. This is called router moulding. This is done as a cheap way of production where a simple square tenon is done and then a hand router is used to mould the window. In order to get rid of this little round we use a tenoner which has scribe cutters which makes one timber lock over the other making a square joint. This joint has greater strength and less movement as the counter profile of the tenon is locked over the profile of the stile.

This gives a much neater appearance and is the mark of a quality timber window. Priming and Finishing : Our finishing service is done using spray applied paints. The advantage of this over brush finishes are that the film thicknesses (coat thicknesses) are far greater giving greater protection and the general finish is better and without brush strokes.

Beneath the finishes are eng grain sealers and v joint sealers to work in tandem with the above joinery details and has wood preserver applied beneath the finish. Ron Currie & Sons manufacture most types of timber windows and doors. Please use the details above to get in contact with your requirements. If you (or someone representing you) is not prepared to. Standard cost as per listing, no surcharge.

Uncoloured sections are to be quoted for. If you choose collection for your item(s), you can collect between 8am and 4:30pm Monday to Saturday. We will require 24hrs notice of collection as some goods are stored off-site.

If you are travelling over distance to collect, please ensure you allow adequate time for loading up the goods and any traffic as the collection times are strict and you may be turned away if you are not within the times stated. Please Note: We do not wrap items which are for collection. Please remember to bring any packing or protection with you to ensure they do not get damaged in your vehicle. Please check the items will fit in your vehicle before travelling. To Consider: When you collect your goods, please ensure they are correct before leaving the store.

When you collect your items, if there is a problem with them, you will be responsible for returning them, even if they are incorrect on our part. This item is in the category "Business, Office & Industrial\Building Materials & Supplies\Windows & Window Hardware\Industrial & Commercial Windows". The seller is "ron_currie_and_sons" and is located in this country: GB. This item can be shipped to United Kingdom.

  • Glass Type: Clear Non-Toughened
  • Draught Seal Colour: Black
  • Ironmongery Colour: Brass
  • Finishing: Fully Finished
  • Brand: Ron Currie & Sons Ltd
  • Country/Region of Manufacture: United Kingdom

Wooden Timber A Rated Traditional Casement Window Bespoke Made To Measure    Wooden Timber A Rated Traditional Casement Window Bespoke Made To Measure